Managed Website Hosting

Managed website hosting services to fit your website and budget.

Secure hosting

Security is at the front of our minds when preparing your build for deployment on the often malicious world of the web.

We’ll ensure all the correct provisions are in place to deal with all potential threats. The most important aspect that underlies the security of your website is the server/hosting environment. A vulnerable server, especially a shared environment where many different websites are being hosted together, will be more prone to attacks as well as performance issues.

Reliable infrastructure

The first port of call should be investing in a reliable server infrastructure, ideally a cloud package where there are multiple instances of your site online at any one time should one instance go down.

There are more robust variations of a cloud server, such as a virtual private server which cost more but are essential for a site with lots of rich media content.

For all of our web builds, we can advise on the most suitable hosting package that meets your requirements and cover setting up and migrating to the new environment.

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