Google Shopping

Dominate the real estate at the top of Google with product listings.

Google Shopping is a very powerful advertising platform for e-commerce websites, and provides an excellent ROI for many of our clients.

Getting started on Google Shopping can look a bit daunting, but Marketing Disruption can take that weight off your shoulders. These are the 3 simple steps taken to start your campaign:

  • Create a Google Merchant Center account – Do this by going to the Google Merchant Center sign in page and registering with your email address.
  • Register your website domain with the Merchant Center – Then follow the steps to verify that it is yours.
  • Create the data feed for your products – The easiest way to do this is to use the template that Google provide and then fill out the various columns. Some fields are mandatory, however we would recommend filling out all of them as it helps Google serve your ads correctly, and above your competition.

By featuring in Google’s shopping feed you will often see your products and images appearing at the top of the natural search results, thus increasing your real estate on the first page of Google, especially if combined with PPC ads and natural search listings.

Marketing Disruption have been setting up and optimising shopping feeds for a number of years and can certainly help your business increase  revenue and profit through this channel.

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