There is almost too much written about Search Engine Optimization.  The problem is much of it can be contradictory.  Whom does one believe in the face of conflicting advice?

Google continues to change and improve their algorithm – sometimes it almost feels if it is daily.  Googles goal is to deliver the best result for the user’s request.

Each algorithm change, to those outside Google, is more like a big black box with everyone guessing what is inside.  The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what is inside. True SEO is not about tricks to make your site rank higher.  It is about making your site serve customers better and allowing search engines to find and deliver the right content to the right customer needing it.  The site architecture, site content, graphics and video should all be developed with serving the end customer in mind.

Does it matter that you rank #1 for a keyword that never results in a sale?  You may earn a gold star but you won’t be in business long with a collection of gold stars.

The items below are our collection of top SEO myths for 2017:

Mobile Page Speed is an important Google ranking factor.

Just because it is not a ranking factor now does not mean it will not be one in the future.  Obviously, since it impacts the user experience and the importance of mobile is only increasing, it could become an important ranking factor at any time.

You should use Google URL removal tool to remove a page from your site.

The tool will remove all versions of a page (http, https, www and non-www) from being indexed but it is not for site maintenance but more for urgent or legal reasons for the page not to be indexed.  Normal removal of a page will automatically disappear over time as Google re-crawls and re-indexes those pages.

You should have no more than 10 occurrences of any keyword in your content to avoid being penalized for keyword stuffing.

Once you “do SEO” your site will continue to perform well.

SEO is a continual effort.  You want your website to be understood by search engines and by potential customers, technical SEO efforts makes sure your site continues to perform well.  Over time, links may become broken, content needs to be updated and expanded, customer terminology (and technology as in voice searches) may change for how they search for products and services.


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